Remove dog hair: tips for your clothes and Co.

Almost every dog ​​owner knows the problem of dog hair in the home or on clothes. Removing all dog hair seems to be an almost impossible task for some. The vacuum cleaner alone does not help. Here are tips to help fight annoying hair. Tips: How to remove dog hair on clothes - Photo: Shutterstock / BestPhotoStudio

The glossy fur of your four-legged friend attracts attention and you are proud like a honey cake horse. However, the laughter will disappear at the latest when you find the hair of your faithful companion everywhere on your clothes. The best prevention to get rid of the annoying hair: comb your dog regularly.

Prevent flying hair by combing

It doesn't matter whether your dog has short or long fur - both types of fur lose hair. You can manage hair loss by brushing your animal friend; preferably once in the morning and in the evening. Which dog brush is suitable depends on your dog's fur.

● Comb long-haired dogs with a long-bristled brush
● Dogs with short fur should be combed with a short toothed brush
● A plucking comb helps in the case of a dense undercoat

Daily fur care has another positive effect: it stimulates the blood circulation in the skin.

Remove dog hair on the clothes with the clothes dryer

If you have a tumble dryer, you can use it for the removal of dog hair. Put in the hairy clothes - if they are suitable for the dryer - and let the dryer run for about five minutes. The movement in the drum and the air flow ensure that the hair ends up in the fluff filter.

Adhesive tape for removing dog hair

Another tip is to use tape or masking tape. The dog's hair should stick to it effectively, but this method is very time-consuming. You can achieve the same effect with a pair of tights that you wet or with slightly damp rubber gloves. Incidentally, this not only works for fully haired clothing, but also for dog hair on the couch or carpet.

Why do dogs like to wallow in the dirt?

Admittedly, we cannot always smell our dogs; but we should always understand you. Why…

Commercial tools for removing dog hair

So-called lint balls, which you can put in the washing machine, are commercially available, for example. These attract and hold the dog's hair, but are not suitable for delicate textiles. Lint rollers can also be helpful in removing hair from good clothing.

These are available with adhesive tape, but also made of fabric. In addition, lint rollers made of silicone or rubber are effective in the fight against dog hair. The latter offer the advantage that they are easy to clean and are therefore more reusable. It’s best to try several methods to find out which works the most effectively for you.