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Dog liability: Tips for taking out insurance

"He just wants to play!" - Even if this may apply to many dogs, dog liability insurance is a prerequisite for keeping dogs almost everywhere in Germany. Before you take out such insurance for your loyal companion, you should inform yourself well. Here are a few important tips. Image: Shutterstock / Dmitry Kalinovsky

Dog liability is a national matter in Germany. In most federal states, it is compulsory to insure the dog accordingly. Read more below.

Special rules for certain dog breeds

Regardless of whether or not dog liability is mandatory for all breeds in your state, it makes sense to take out insurance against damage that your dog can cause. This applies to the small Yorkshire Terrier as well as to larger specimens such as German Shepherds.

The focus is not least on those breeds that are classified as so-called "fighting dogs". For these four-legged friends, you have to take out special policies. The same also applies to dogs that are used as farm animals. Dog liability is more expensive for such list dogs than for other breeds. Find out exactly which special conditions apply here in order not to endanger the insurance protection.

Tips: What damage should a dog liability cover

With an unexpected bite in the calf of a passer-by, however, even a small and supposedly harmless dog breed representative can do some damage. In addition to property damage, every dog ‚Äč‚Äčliability insurance covers damage caused by injury to third parties. Tip: Make sure you choose a sufficiently high coverage amount: if your dog causes a serious car accident, property damage, treatment costs and claims for damages quickly add up to a large amount. So you shouldn't make unnecessary savings here to cut insurance premium. Cover amounts of between three and five million euros are common.

Also check whether your dog liability covers a so-called "unwanted mating act". This is how you secure yourself against claims for compensation if your four-legged friend unintentionally helps a offspring to give birth.

Tip: If you often go on holiday abroad with your dog, you should also make sure that the insurance does not expire when you cross the border.

Another tip: Be sure to compare dog liability insurance on the Internet before taking out one.

Benefits of dog liability insurance

If your dog causes any damage, you must be liable for it. That it has advantages ...

Insurance protection for several owners

If your whole family takes care of your four-legged friend, you should not forget the following: Some insurance companies are only liable for damage caused by the dog to a certain dog owner.

Tip: Be sure to extend the protection of dog liability to all family members.

You should also note that the insurance cover only applies to your own dog. For example, if you walk a friend's four-legged friend, your dog liability will not cover any damage.

Tip: Check with the dog owner beforehand whether you are insured in an emergency.

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