Bathing dogs: How to do it right

Whether after a particularly exuberant walk around the lane or romping around in the mud: From time to time, dogs have to bathe. You can find tips for stress-free showering of your high-spirited companion in the tub here. Bathing dogs: Carefully and only with special dog shampoo - Image: Shutterstock / fotoedu

The dog fur has a natural fat film that repels dirt and moisture. Bathing too often destroys this protective layer - and it takes about six weeks to recover. If you bathe your dogs regularly, this is often meant lovingly, but not necessary at all.

When dogs have to bathe

However, if your favorite's fur is very heavily soiled by dust and dirt, stinks extremely or flakes, a shower in the tub is recommended. Otherwise it is enough to let the dirt dry and then brush it out. Try not to bathe your dog more than about every two months, preferably less. This gives your four-legged friend's skin enough time to recover from the bath.

Only use mild dog shampoo without fragrances for very stubborn soiling. Our fluffy companions have a finer sense of smell than we do - they usually don't like scents that we find pleasant. In addition, aggressive substances attack the natural acid protection of the dog's skin. This can later lead to itching and dry skin. It is often enough to rinse your loyal friend with lukewarm water.

Caution! If your dog has caught a skin fungus, other skin diseases or parasites, you need to bathe it several times in succession and treat it with a special product. In this case, discuss with your veterinarian how best to proceed.

Tip 1: Prepare the tub well

Before you start, you should provide some support and put a rubber mat in the tub. Your four-legged friend will not slip like this. By the way, a baby bath is sufficient for small dogs. Set the water temperature to a pleasant warmth and, if necessary, keep a mild dog shampoo ready.

Above all, puppies should not be turned into a superfluous bath if possible. You can put them in the tub at the earliest in week 12 - but only if you really have to.

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Tip 2: Be careful when spraying

When bathing dogs, you have to take special care of the eyes and nose area. Dogs are extremely sensitive in these places. Tip: Start with the back and the sides when you shower, and then work your way to the head. If you have used dog shampoo, you should wash it out very thoroughly. Rinse off all residues of shampoo in the fur, starting at the head. Make sure that no shampoo gets into your ears.

Tip 3: Dry properly (from)

After showering, you can rub your dog dry in the tub with a towel. But be careful: otherwise your hair may be damaged. A tip for the summer: Let your dog shake its fur properly outside and then dry in the sun. In winter, your now clean friend can lie comfortably in front of the heating.

If your dog does not mind, you can help with the hair dryer. However, many animals are afraid of the loud noise.

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