Do Great Danes Make Good Apartment Dogs?

Do Great Danes Make Good Apartment Dogs?

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Great Danes are giant dogs. Sharing an apartment with a dog has advantages along with a few potential drawbacks.

Why It Works

According to the Dogster website, great Danes are one of the top 10 best dog breeds for apartment living. Calm, quiet and easily trained, your great Dane shouldn't be a nuisance to nearby neighbors and isn't likely to destroy the apartment because of boredom, frustration or pent-up energy. A walk around the neighborhood typically provides sufficient exercise.

Downside to Size

Sharing a small space with a giant dog creates challenges. Many apartments don't allow dogs as large as great Danes, while others lump them in with commonly banned breeds, such as pit bulls or rottweilers. These bulky dogs take up space even if they are just standing in a hallway, so having a roomy apartment that allows a great Dane to move around comfortably is key. Great Danes sport long, powerful tails that can cause accidental damage with a single happy wag, so cluttered apartments may not be a good choice. Also, apartment living requires strict house training. A few bathroom accidents quickly destroy the carpeting and floors in an apartment.


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