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Dog sponsorship: Do something good for dogs from the shelter

Many people cannot keep a pet for various reasons. A dog sponsorship could then be an alternative to buying your own dog. Animal shelters and animal welfare organizations are generally happy to receive any support. Read here how a dog sponsorship works and why it could be an alternative to your own pet. Image: Shutterstock / Ondrej Penicka

Animal shelters are almost always looking for sponsors for certain dogs. Because especially list dogs, old and sometimes sick animals are often difficult to convey. These dogs have to be kept in the shelter all the time and of course they also incur costs.

Dog sponsorship: how does it work?

The shelters keep a list of dogs that are available for sponsorship. A person who agrees to sponsor a dog chooses a four-legged friend from the shelter list and supports him. The support includes a partial or complete payment of the costs incurred by the animal to be cared for by the organization. The costs are caused by the following factors:

● lining
● Housing
● care
● vaccinations
● castration
● medication
● operation
● Special care

All of these measures are not always necessary. But sponsored dogs are often care animals that are chronically ill, require difficult and costly surgery or have severe behavioral problems that require special care in the animal shelter. They then have to be looked after before they can move into a new family. As a dog sponsor you can sometimes visit your protégé, go for a walk with him, bring him treats and much more. Ask the animal shelter staff about this.

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Who offers a dog sponsorship and what does it cost me?

Dog sponsorships are mostly offered directly from animal shelters. But other associations or animal protection organizations also take care of the mediation of animals or sponsorships. Get in touch with them and then choose an animal during a visit that you have loved and want to support.

You can usually decide for yourself how much you would like to support your sponsored child every month. The organizations and animal shelters do not prescribe a fixed amount, but are happy about every euro you invest.

Dog sponsorship or volunteering: what suits you?

The regulations can vary from animal shelter to animal shelter. The best thing to do is to drop by the animal shelter near you and ask specifically for sponsored dogs. Tell a little about yourself, how much time you have, what help you would like to provide, what your living conditions are like. With a dog sponsorship, you may support the animal with donations - for example, if it is very shy and reacts fearfully to strangers.

If that is not enough for you and you would also like to have contact with your patent animal, then volunteering in the animal shelter may be more suitable for you in this case. For example, you can take a walk with animal shelter dogs, play with them and help with socialization. The animals you look after in this way have the chance to get used to people and have a good experience with them. This will make it easier for you to get across.

Tip: Animal shelters are also often looking for foster families to care for their problem skins. If you have enough time and space, this may still be an option for you. Inquire about this also from the animal shelter staff.

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