Dog accessories: Checklist for basic equipment

Dog accessories: Checklist for basic equipment

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If you are thinking about buying a dog, of course you need the necessary dog ​​accessories for the fur nose. So that your four-legged friend is not missing anything, you will find a checklist for the basic equipment here. Safe and promising dog toys are also part of the basic equipment for dogs - Shutterstock / David Porras

There are a few necessary purchases associated with buying a dog. Regardless of whether you are a puppy or an adult dog - you should get the following items on the dog accessories checklist before the new family member moves in, so that the cold nose can feel comfortable.

Drinking bowl and food bowl

The bowls are of course part of the basic dog accessories. One dog bowl for water and one for food. Ideally, the bowls have a non-slip underside or stand on a non-slip mat. You can find tips on buying in the guide: "How to find the right food bowl for your dog".

Collar or harness

Another must-have when it comes to dog accessories is of course the appropriate collar or harness to which the dog leash is attached. Both the collar and the harness have to be adapted exactly to the dog's body - trying it on in a specialist dog shop is very important. Don't save at the wrong end - good upholstery and safe workmanship are essential. More information here: "Tips for the right dog collar".

Dog leash

Dog leads are available in different versions. For example, you can choose an extendable stop leash on which you can lead your four-legged friend both close to your feet and a few meters ahead. More tips in the guide: "Leash guidance: How to get your dog used to the leash".

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Fur brush and comb

How often and how intensively you need to brush your dog depends on the breed and type of dog fur. Grooming is an important procedure in any case, not only to ensure beautiful, healthy fur, but also to strengthen the relationship between the dog and the owner. Here are a few important grooming tips: "4 tips for proper grooming: wellness for the dog".

Dog food and treats

One of the most important factors for a healthy and happy dog ​​life is the right dog food. This should be of high quality and tailored to the needs of your four-legged partner. Make sure you always have enough food at home. Treats should also be kept in the closet, for example to reward or train the dog.

Dog basket or dog bed

Your dog's holy retreat is very important to him - here he finds peace, can doze and sleep. Buy a high-quality, well-made and above all cozy place for your cold nose. You can find tips on the selection of the cozy basic dog equipment in the guide: "Buy a dog basket or dog bed for your dog".

Dog Toys

Dog toys should of course not be missing from the dog accessories checklist. There are several different types of toys, including chew toys, intelligence toys, fun toys or sports toys. Just try out what your sofa wolf likes. It is important that the toys are safe and free of harmful substances. More tips on the right toy in the article: "Make your own dog toy: ideas for sniffers".

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Dog pharmacy and veterinarian numbers

No matter if it is an insect bite, a paw injury or worse - you should always have a dog pharmacy with the necessary objects for first aid at hand. You can also place claw cutters and tick pliers here. The numbers of the veterinarian and the veterinary emergency call should also be ready. There are more tips on the contents of the dog first aid kit in the guide: "Travel first aid kit for dogs: these utensils belong in there".


To be able to transport your dog in the car, you need a dog box in which your animal friend can travel safely; for a walk in the countryside or to the vet

Blanket and towels

Dogs love their cozy blanket, which harbors their own smell and ensures peace and comfort. Towels are also important, for example to dry the fur after a rainy walk or if your dog has splashed in a puddle.

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