Litter box: The most important information about the quiet town

The litter box is one of the most important accessories for your house tiger. There are a few things to consider when purchasing. In addition, the litter box needs to be positioned and cleaned properly so that your roommate can use it properly. Image: Shutterstock / Tubol Evgeniya

In order to choose the optimal litter box, you should know exactly how big your house tiger is. He must be able to turn and scratch freely in his toilet. He must not feel cramped, otherwise he will not use his toilet voluntarily.

Select and set up the litter box correctly

In particular, when littering the legacies, some litter likes to fly through the area. A closed litter box with a roof can be the solution here. However, make sure that any swing door that may be present can be removed. Many of the hunting-trained velvet paws want to see where they can go in and look out as well. In addition, the sensitive noses don't like the extreme smell in a completely closed litter box.

Also important: Choose a place for the litter box away from the daily routine, where your room tiger can withdraw for his business and does not feel pressed or watched. Room corners are particularly suitable, as are niches behind furniture. Never place the litter box near kitten's sleeping or eating places. These places should always be separate.

Information about hygiene in the litter box

If possible, provide your room tiger with two quiet places, as the animals are reluctant to use the same toilet for the big and the small business. The floor around the litter box should also be easy to clean in the event that litter flies over the edge when pawing. You should also choose the litter carefully. Make sure that it clumps properly and neutralizes odors - this makes it more comfortable for both you and your velvet paw.

If possible, clean the litter box daily with a special shovel and change the litter completely every two weeks. Some litter boxes already have a built-in sieve, which makes daily cleaning much easier. It is best not to use cleaning agents to thoroughly clean the litter box. They may be dangerous for cats or smell unpleasant, so the litter box is no longer used.

Litter box basic cleaning: how it works

Every time the cat litter is completely changed, the litter box should be cleaned thoroughly. It works best in the bath or shower:

● Place the litter box in the shower / bathtub
● Run as high as possible with hot water
● Soak for about 10 minutes
● Pour out water and remove any residue with the shower head
● Scrub off stubborn residues with a brush
● Dry the litter box with an old towel
● Fill with new litter

On to the second part: Buy the right litter box - from standard to luxury

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