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Bach flowers against fear in dogs

Bach flowers are an alternative remedy that can be used for various mental disorders - fear in the dog is one of them. Bach flowers can help against anxiety in dogs - Image: Shutterstock / Ivonne Wierink

Is your four-legged friend rather fearful and afraid in many everyday situations? Then you may be able to help him with herbal remedies. For example, some Bach flowers are suitable for treating anxiety in dogs.

Bach flower therapy: what is behind it?

Bach flowers against anxiety in dogs - can this really help and how does homeopathic therapy work? There are a total of 38 Bach Flowers that can be used to treat various mental ailments in both humans and dogs. Bach flower therapy was developed in the 1930s by the English doctor Dr. Edward Bach. He made essences from different flowers, which have a positive effect on different states of mind and should bring the psyche back into balance.

Which Bach Flowers Help Dogs Fear?

In addition to many other states of mind, anxiety can also be treated with Bach flowers in dogs. Depending on the type of fear, different essences can be used:

Aspen against fear of strangers or dogs
Mimulus against fear of loud noises or other concrete things
Rock rose against panic after traumatic experiences

Usually, the veterinary practitioner compiles an individual essence from different flowers for each dog - depending on the animal's suffering. There are now many ready-made preparations for dogs to buy, but you should first consult with a veterinarian about the intended therapy. He can best assess what will help your darling and whether another form of treatment would not make more sense. Otherwise, there is nothing to be said against treatment with Bach flowers when it comes to the subject of fear in dogs.

Anxiety Disorder in Dogs: Recognizing Symptoms

An anxiety disorder in the dog is not something that you as a mistress or master lightly ...

Bach flowers against acute anxiety in your dog

So-called rescue drops can also be administered for situations that cause acute anxiety in the dog, such as going to the vet or an accident. These are made up of the following five Bach Flower Essences:

● Cherry plum
● Clematis
● Impatiens
● Rock Rose
● Star of Bethlehem

Warning: Rescue drops must not be used for permanent treatment against anxiety in dogs!

Miracle cure Bach flowers? How long does a treatment take?

Many years of experience have shown that dogs respond well to Bach flower remedies, particularly in the case of acute mental disorders, so that a change in behavior often appears after just a few days. The longer problematic behavior is stored in a dog's brain and thus consolidated, the more difficult and lengthy it is to use any alternative medical treatment. Bach flowers against anxiety in dogs cannot work miracles or change the behavior of the four-legged friend overnight, but they also support a positive development in the long term even in cases of hardship.

Bach flowers are dosed and administered in this way

You can get the Bach flowers in so-called Stockbottles. These vials, each containing 10 ml, can be obtained in the pharmacy or on the Internet. You must dilute the concentrates with still, non-carbonated water before administration. In principle, a combination of several Bach flower essences against anxiety in dogs is also possible. You can mix them yourself, but should not add more than six to eight together. If in doubt, ask your veterinarian and veterinary practitioner.

The correct dosage mainly depends on the size of the dog. For small breeds, three drops, which are administered three times a day, are sufficient. Medium sizes get 5 and big dogs 10 drops - also three times a day. The same applies here: Talk to your vet about the right ratio to achieve the best result.

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