Important travel vaccinations for your cat

Would you like to go on holiday abroad with your cat? Then think about the necessary travel vaccinations. The guidelines and specifications vary depending on the country of destination, but there are still some uniform rules. Image: Shutterstock / Jiri Sebesta

As long as you stay with your cat within Germany, there is no vaccination requirement. However, if you want to go on holiday with your pet beyond the German borders, certain travel vaccinations are necessary so that your cat can come with you. These vaccinations must be duly noted on the EU pet passport.

Keep in mind that you need some travel vaccinations to be able to return to Germany after your vacation.

Most important travel vaccination: rabies

In itself, the risk of contracting rabies is very low in Germany. The disease has been eradicated in Germany since 2008. Nevertheless, a rabies vaccination may be necessary if you travel abroad or want to return to Germany with your pet after your vacation. The provisions on vaccination against rabies have been uniformly regulated within the EU.

For the EU member states, this regulation means that you can only carry a maximum of five animals privately. For each animal, a valid rabies vaccination must be noted on the EU pet passport. "Valid" means: The immunization against rabies must be completed at least 21 days before the start of the trip. If your pet has been vaccinated against rabies before, check in good time whether the immunization is still guaranteed. Depending on the vaccine, rabies needs to be refreshed every two to three years to guarantee vaccination protection.

Travel vaccinations for non-EU countries

Some non-EU countries have strict rules regarding pet entry. For example, a blood sample and a so-called titer determination must be used to prove that your cat really does not have rabies. This titer determination can only be carried out by approved EU laboratories. This is a blood test that proves that vaccination against rabies and other diseases is still up-to-date and sufficient. These countries include:

● Turkey
● Serbia
● Morocco
● Tunisia
● Egypt
● Thailand

Keep in mind that entry requirements can change. For security reasons, it is advisable to ask the consulate of your target country what the current status is regarding travel vaccinations. This applies to both EU and non-EU countries.

Which vaccinations are useful for cats?

When it comes to vaccinations for cats, opinions differ: some consider it necessary, others ...

More vaccinations that you don't only need when traveling

In addition, you should have your cat vaccinated against cat cold and cat disease. In many countries, these vaccinations are mandatory. However, vaccination against these diseases is recommended even without a legal requirement.

They are so important because cat disease and cold can be transmitted without contact with other cats. The pathogens can, for example, be on your clothing or on the shoes that your cat comes into contact with. In addition, even apparently healthy cats can carry the pathogen and infect other velvet paws with it. So you are on the safe side if you basically have these vaccinations carried out - regardless of your travel arrangements.

What your cat needs for vacation in addition to travel vaccinations

In some countries, your cat may not only need the travel vaccinations mentioned. In some states, it is a requirement that your pet can only enter with a chip label. You can also request this information from the respective consulates. In any case, it is a good idea to have your cat chipped - should it run away, even while on vacation, you increase the chances of finding it safely again. Another peculiarity that can be found in some travel countries is a quarantine obligation, which can last from one to several weeks. Find out in advance so that you don't experience any unpleasant surprises.

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