Travel with the cat: prepare for the ride

Traveling is not necessarily a hobby for cats, but sometimes it just cannot be regulated otherwise: the velvet paw comes with you on vacation. So that the car ride does not become a relaxation killer, you should make extensive preparations to make it as pleasant as possible for everyone involved. Image: Shutterstock / Jiri Sebesta

Cats are far from travel-loving. They prefer to explore their territory, where they have everything under control. A car ride, on the other hand, is very stressful for the fur noses. If you still have to, make it as comfortable as possible for your four-legged friend. You can prevent bankruptcies, bad luck and cat woes during the trip with sufficient preparation.

Pre-check: vaccination card and pet ID card available?

If you want to take your darling on vacation with you, first clarify whether cats are allowed in your accommodation at the holiday location. Once this basic requirement has been clarified, ask whether there is a balcony and whether it is secured. Is there a cat litter box, cat tree or cat leash available? When you have clarified everything, check your cat's papers for completeness. Vaccination card and pet ID card should be up to date. In an emergency, a third-party veterinarian must be able to see all information.

Travel with the cat in the car: Visit the vet beforehand

At your own veterinarian, you should also introduce your cat again before the trip. He will inform you about possible travel sicknesses of your pet and give you tips on which medications should not be missing in your first aid kit. Travel pills help your cat, for example, in the event of sudden nausea or nervousness.

Driving the cat: Tips for a good trip

Most cats don't like driving at all. Even less, if not from an early age ...

Get the cat used to the transport box

Last but not least, remember to get your darling used to the transport box in which they will be driving. Your velvet paw must never connect the mini-cage with anything negative. If you only use it for the vet visit, your fur nose will hardly visit the small accommodation voluntarily. To prevent this, make the box available as a place to sleep, for example. Familiar smells and objects soothe cats. Bribes are also allowed: hide some treats in the box to make them more attractive to the fur nose.

Preparation for the car trip: you have to

Pack your kitten's blanket or cozy blanket as well as your favorite toy. You can also put both in the transport box to give your velvet paw a safe, familiar environment. The food and water bowls from home are also part of the luggage, otherwise Miezi refuses to eat at the holiday destination in the end. If your cat receives medication regularly, it goes without saying that this should also be included in the cat's luggage. If you are traveling in summer, think of sufficient water and possibly wet towels that can cool the air in high heat.

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