Yorkshire Terrier: Education Tips

When raising a Yorkshire Terrier, you should keep one thing in mind: you probably won't have it easy with this little stubborn. Despite its handy size, it is a dog that should be in the hands of experienced dog owners. The Yorkshire Terrier needs a good, careful upbringing - Image: Shutterstock / cynoclub

As cute as the Yorkshire Terrier looks, its character is strong and it needs an owner who can prevail and shows the little dog limits. Consistent work is the best recipe for avoiding future behavioral problems with the small whirlwind.

The Yorkshire Terrier: Little guy, great courage

His self-confidence, courage and protective instinct can make the Yorkie like to play a little bit. If you let him go through this, it can quickly mean that he provokes other dogs and constantly starts to get into trouble.

This is of course not a good prerequisite for a leisurely walk, so you should work with him from the start. Clear words like "Pooh", "No" or "Place" have the greatest effect if you pronounce them with certainty.

Don't let everything go through

He needs to know very well that you are the boss and he has to listen to you instead of being spoiled and pampered too much. You shouldn't take him under protection either. The four-legged friend has to learn to behave properly and to behave respectfully towards other dogs and people. However, don't be too impatient with your Yorkie. Allow your little friend enough time to learn.

Yorkshire Terriers tend to bark excessively: what to do?

The active and lively little guy is equipped with a good dose of vigilance. He likes to announce visitors by barking, but can also tend to comment on every sound in the stairwell with yapping. This could lead to problems, especially when it is kept in the apartment building. To prevent him from getting used to it, you should start practicing with your Yorkshire Terrier early and show him clearly and consistently which behavior is desired and which is not.

Small but powerful: the Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers get used to people

When he is brought up, make sure that your little friend gets used to people of all sizes early on and has good experiences with children. Here, too, the Yorkshire Terrier tends to be a little bitchy. If you are unsure, you should definitely have a dog trainer at your side who will help you learn the ABC of dog training with your pet. Attending a dog school is also recommended, especially if you have chosen a puppy. For example, the Yorkshire Terrier learns how to deal with many strangers, but is also socialized in an environment with other dogs.

Leave Yorkshire Terrier at home alone

Few dogs like to be at home alone, so the Yorkie is no exception. You should only leave a puppy unattended in exceptional cases - and not for longer than two hours. A fully-fledged Yorkshire Terrier can remain alone for a while, but you should rarely exceed more than five hours. When you get home, grab the leash and take a long walk or play with your four-legged friend. In this way, the Yorkshire Terrier combines being alone with something positive.

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