Why is my cat shaking? Does she have to go to the vet?

"Why is my cat shaking?" Have you ever asked yourself this question? There is not only one answer to this, since the symptom can be based on various causes. So harmless reasons are possible as well as an illness. Learn more about what could cause cat tremors here. Fear is a possible reason why cats tremble - kowit1982 / Shutterstock

Cats are actually pretty relaxed animals. It doesn't upset anything so quickly. That's why it's all the more worrying to see your cat suddenly shiver. To find out why she is doing this, you need to understand the situation closely. Maybe there is just nervousness behind it. It is also relevant for the cause research whether your fur nose has such attacks more often.

1. The cat is trembling due to low blood sugar

Cats, like humans, can have low blood sugar. The technical term for this is hypoglycemia. Low blood sugar is caused by too little food and can cause tremors, among other things. So that your cat regains its strength, you should give it something to eat. If she refuses to eat and suffers from anorexia, go to the vet with her, as this is often a warning sign of an illness. Diarrhea, constipation or vomiting can also be responsible for low blood sugar levels. In this case, too, your cat should be provided with sufficient food and, above all, liquid. A visit to the veterinarian is also advisable here to rule out other diseases.

2. Hyperthermia as the reason why your cat is trembling

Hyperthermia is the medical term for fever. Depending on the illness, your cat's body can become very warm and cause chills. Do you have a thermometer? Then measure your cat's temperature. If it is over 39.2 degrees Celsius, visit a veterinarian immediately. An infectious disease may be responsible for the fever.

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3. Hypothermia as a reason for cat tremors

Not only does an elevated temperature cause your cat to shiver, it also causes hypothermia. So-called hypothermia is more likely to be observed in younger and older cats, who are less able to regulate their internal temperature. With warm blankets or a heating pad in cold weather, you can help vulnerable kitties.

4. Cat trembles due to stress

Sometimes cats react to stressful situations with tremors. However, the stress trigger is not always apparent to us humans. So your room tiger can get nervous about a new piece of furniture, a noise on the street or the new neighbor cat and shiver as a result. If it is possible to fix the stress trigger, then do it. However, this is not always possible. You can hardly tackle the neighboring cat or other noises. In such cases, it is important to create a calming atmosphere. Provide your four-legged friend with enough retreat so that he feels safe and comfortable at home. Over time, he will weigh himself in safety and react less stressed.

To rule out serious diseases such as epilepsy, you should still visit the veterinarian. Only he can ensure that your animal receives the optimal treatment for his problem.

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