Amazing! Clever rats show their tricks

"Look what I can do!", The rats in the video seem to want to say. The animals are clever and learn quickly. In the fascinating video, Pepper, Blue and Puffin show what cool tricks the often underestimated rodents can learn and how playful they are.

Rats are not welcome on the streets - wild rats can transmit diseases. Abby Roeser, the "mom" of the tame rats in the video, doesn't mind. On YouTube she presents her three furry favorites Pepper, Blue and Puffin. And what the animal trio can do should impress even the greatest skeptic. With clicker training and positive reinforcement, the rat fool has taught her rodents numerous tricks.

On command, the little animals dash into their cages or come to their mistress. Sneezes Abby, Pepper even gets her a handkerchief. Of course, playing is not neglected either: In rat basketball, the little ones literally outdo themselves. Pepper in particular seems to have a real streak of luck. His ball always lands in the basket. Whether climbing, diving, reading, hurdling or retrieving - obviously no trick is too difficult for these smart rats.

Color rats: Smart and friendly pets

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