Information on Red-Nosed Pit Puppies

The red-nosed pit bull possesses the same features as other American Staffordshire Terriers, or the American Pit Bull Terriers. When searching for a red-nosed pit puppy, pay special attention to the puppy's personality and body style. A healthy puppy is energetic, friendly and plays with other puppies in his litter.

Color and Personality

A historic breed that dates back to the 1800s, the American Pit Bull Terrier comes in a wide variety colors and patterns, from solid to parti-colored and patched. The nose may be a light pink to dark red color. However, the red-nosed pit usually has a coat that is tan and white to all red in color. A red-nosed pit usually has short, stiff hair that shines when clean and brushed. As a pit puppy grows, he becomes very intelligent and protective of its family.

Body Style

The pit bull has a medium-sized boxy head with a rounded muzzle. When uncropped, the ears sit on top of the head. The red-nosed pit may have lighter color eyes, but in general, pit bulls have dark, round eyes that sit low on the skull and far apart. Even as a young puppy, pits have a stocky body with short legs and wide hips.


Red-nosed pit puppies require maintenance, from grooming to exercise, to remain healthy like all other dog breeds. Outdoor activities work well for a pit puppy with a lot of energy. If you live in an apartment or area without a large backyard, long walks and play in open spaces are needed on a daily basis. Since the pit's coat is short, after bathing use a firm bristle brush to clean off stray hairs and allow the coat to shine.

Finding Breeders

Many breeders specialize in red pit bulls. Raising Cain Kennels, Bryant's Red Devils and Caragan Kennel are just three of many that you can find on pit bull breeder sites. When looking for a red-noised puppy, always screen the parents first for color, personality and body style. Ask about any history of health problems such as hip dysplasia, heart disease or allergies, as pit bulls are prone to these illnesses.



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