Why does the cat pee everywhere? Possible causes

Cats are usually considered clean animals, but sometimes they relieve themselves outside their litter box. "Why does the cat pee everywhere?" Asked desperate cat owners. Here is a list of possible reasons that may be behind the uncleanliness. "Don't scold, I didn't pee on the carpet on purpose", this tabby cat seems to want to say - Shutterstock / AttilaVarga

Important: If in doubt, go to the veterinarian to rule out illness if your cat pees everywhere. This behavior is usually not normal, because even as little kittens, velvet paws learn from their mom how to properly dispose of their remains and use the litter box. If your cat is normally house-trained, you should search for traces if it becomes unclean.

Cat pees into the apartment: is she sick?

If your cat pees everywhere, a urinary tract disease can be the reason. A bladder infection can, for example, make your room tiger relieve yourself outside the litter box. Urine crystals such as struvite stones or oxalate stones are also a common pathological cause of uncleanliness. Neutered male cats who drink too little and receive too much dry food are particularly at risk.

Sudden Uncleanliness: Is the Cat Sick?

Sudden uncleanliness in cats can have very different causes - because there are also diseases behind it ...

Stress and fear as the reason for uncleanliness in cats

If your veterinarian has been able to rule out an illness, mental problems may be the reason for unwanted peeing. If cats are stressed or afraid, they often choose a soft place with a familiar smell to calm them down. By peeing on the sofa, in bed, on the carpet or your laundry, they mix their own smell with your scent. This makes them feel safe and secure. Has there been a move, a new roommate, a visit or special noise (e.g. on New Year's Eve) recently? Then stress and fear could have triggered the uncleanliness.

Why does the cat pee everywhere? Litter box as the cause

If your cat appears healthy and you have been able to rule out stress, check the litter box. Cats do not like to urinate in their toilet when it is dirty or they do not like the litter in it. If you use an intensely smelling cleaning agent for cleaning, the cat can also tempt you to pee somewhere else. In a multi-cat household with just one litter box, bullying can also be the cause. Bullying cats occasionally block their companions from entering the litter box, so they have to make it easier in the apartment. Stress and fear are added to the denied access to the toilet.

Uncleanliness in cats: causes around the litter box

Sudden uncleanliness in cats can have a very simple cause: the litter box. Sometimes…

Uncastrated hangover pees everywhere: urine marking vs uncleanliness

If you have a male cat who is not neutered, he may pee anywhere for urine marking. If it is not clean - that is, urinating in undesirable places - cats usually crouch down. When marking, the hangovers stop, stretch their buttocks up and straighten their tails before they spray their fragrance brand vertically backwards. Therefore, have your cat neutered as early as possible so that he does not get used to this behavior in the first place.

Mark as the cause of uncleanliness

If your cat's sudden messiness roughly coincides with the onset of sexual maturity, ...

Territory behavior as the reason why the cat pees everywhere

Occasionally, castrated cats also mark their territory with urine. This can be, for example, when a new velvet paw moves into the house. Your old cat wants to differentiate itself and continue to claim its territory. Therefore, she sets her fragrance brand in the usual places. You can prevent this in part by carefully considering which partner suits your first cat before buying a second cat.

When merging, you should proceed step by step and give the animals as much time as they need to get to know each other. You can find more tips on this in the guide "How cats become friends: Tips for multi-cat households".

Myth: Cats pee all over the apartment in protest

Some cat owners think that their pet pees everywhere in protest, revenge or defiance. But that is nonsense. Cats are not capable of such feelings at all. They don't plan their pee accidents and don't strategically use their urine to annoy people. Even if cats were intellectually able to make vengeance plans, they wouldn't. They would not see the benefits of such an undertaking and would rather save their time and energy for meaningful and pleasant things.

So do not scold your cat when she pees in the apartment. She doesn't mean it angry and her aggressive demeanor could frighten her or unsettle her. This in turn can exacerbate the problem of uncleanliness.

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