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Taurine for cats: what does it contain?

Cats need taurine in their food every day. While a taurine overdose is hardly possible, a permanent lack of the important amino acid can lead to health problems. What does it contain? Cats rely on daily taurine supplementation - Image: Shutterstock / Master L

Taurine is an amino acid that is contained in animal protein and can be produced artificially. It is important that the cat can only synthesize a very small amount of taurine every day - that is, produce it itself - and is therefore dependent on a supply of the cat food. Otherwise, symptoms of deficiency such as immune deficiency, blindness or deafness are threatened in the long run.

Taurine in cat food, food supplements and snacks

Animal feed manufacturers also know that taurine is so important for cats. To meet the daily needs of the velvet paw, almost all commercially available dry and wet food types contain taurine. Usually, a cat is given sufficient food with its cat food. If there is any uncertainty, it is worth asking the vet. Also in cat snacks, cat milk and Co., there is usually a taurine additive among the ingredients.

Dietary supplements, such as pure taurine powder, are also available in pet shops and from the veterinarian. Also ask your vet about green-lipped mussel products - they also contain taurine and are not only good for the joints in dogs.

Products with taurine for cats

It is not without reason that taurine is contained in almost every commercially available cat food, because the daily ...

Food with taurine: raw meat in a cat bowl

Free-range cats and farm cats usually meet their daily taurine requirements when hunting for mice, because mice - especially their fresh blood - contain a large amount of the amino acid that is important for cats. Rats are also good taurine suppliers if your velvet paw dares to hunt larger prey animals. Otherwise, raw meat is ideal for cats to meet their taurine needs. This is especially true for heart and muscle meat. Raw fish and raw seafood, especially mussels, are very rich in taurine. However, they are unsuitable for the main diet of cats because they lack other valuable nutrients and fish can also contain dangerous bones. Cats are primarily carnivores.

If you feed your animal with barf - i.e. raw meat - you don't normally have to worry about the taurine needs of your house tiger. If the meat is heated, i.e. boiled, roasted, or similar, the taurine content is destroyed, because the amino acid is not heat-resistant - if you are unsure whether your cat's needs are covered with normal feeding, you should consult your veterinarian.

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