Husky education: This is important

The husky is an intelligent but idiosyncratic dog - this does not necessarily make the education of this four-legged friend easy. With patience, consistency and clear communication, you can set limits for your husky, without restricting him in his endearing nature. This works best if you start with the elementary commands in puppy age. When raising the husky, a loving but strict hand is important - Image: Shutterstock / FreeBirdPhotos1

The husky is definitely not a beginner dog. His education should take over more experienced dog owners. It is advisable to designate a caregiver for the four-legged friend who is mainly responsible for the upbringing. In this way, misunderstandings in dog-human communication can be avoided more easily.

The nature of the husky is special and endearing, but offers one or two challenges for its human educators. On the one hand, he is very smart and above all willing to work. On the other hand, he needs a strong hand that shows him his limits. However, this has nothing to do with punishments and violence, but with clarity and consequence.

Raising the Husky: Start early

When keeping these beautiful animals, you should think about getting the help of a dog trainer. In a dog school, for example, you can get tips from the professional on how best to go about raising your husky. In a puppy play group, your little dog is already learning to behave towards other dogs and to adhere to certain rules.

In general, you should start with the educational measures as early as possible so that bad habits do not creep in at all. Start with short workouts of no more than five minutes several times a day, over time you can gradually increase the duration of the lessons. Pay a little attention to when your husky starts to lose focus and stop shortly before. Husky education basically begins with the breeder - when playing with siblings, his mother and other dogs in the household, the little puppy is already learning dog-typical social behavior.

In addition, a good dog breeder accustoms his animals to everyday noises, other people and possibly other pets, so that they are not afraid of them later because they do not know all of them. That is why it is so important that you look for a responsible dog breeder before buying and do not rush to buy.

A couple of husky puppies to fall in love with

More tips for husky education

An important point to note is the pronounced hunting instinct in the husky. It is also important to counteract this right from the start. Because especially with large dogs like this, the walks become a nerve-wracking test if your pet has once again discovered a small rodent or a duck. Therefore, you should teach him the basic commands as early as possible, especially "Off" and "No". It makes sense to designate a caregiver who is mainly responsible for the husky, but still all family members have to pull together. This means that everyone must abide by the rules of what is allowed and what is prohibited.

You can't completely get rid of your husky's hunting instinct, but you can make sure that it doesn't take over. To do this, you should immediately interrupt unwanted behavior with "No" or "Off". You can also use negative reinforcement and pause a pleasant activity for the dog, for example, stop walking or stop playing when it becomes "rebellious". Do not resume work until the husky behaves as desired. You can also apply positive reinforcement by rewarding desired behavior. How to motivate your four-legged friend in this way can be read in the guide "Reward for dogs: you have to take this into account".

No matter what exercises you do to bring up your new roommate. In any case, avoid becoming aggressive or even violent. This would not be beneficial for the development of the husky and could lead to behavioral problems. Remember: your dog only follows its natural instincts and needs, it can only follow commands and adhere to rules that it has understood as such. It is therefore better to work with clear instructions, short, regular training sessions and appropriate work. You can find information on the latter in our guide "Busy and busy husky: Which dog sport?" appropriate suggestions.

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