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Buy Maltese: information about the character of the dog

If you want to buy a Maltese, you choose a dog with a great character. The pretty little four-legged friend is lovely, calm, balanced and affectionate - simply the perfect family dog! The Maltese dog: A dear little guy - Image: Shutterstock / TheLionRoar

Without a hunting instinct and equipped with a medium urge to move, there is hardly anything that can get the Maltese out of his calm. Unless his master doesn't have enough time for him because he doesn't like that at all! If the dog breed gets a lot of love, appropriate care and attitude as well as sufficient physical and mental activity, the Maltese feels really comfortable.

Maltese: dog with a particularly affectionate character

No wonder that the Maltese is particularly popular with seniors or families. The snow-white dog loves its owners and wants to spend as much time as possible near them. You should grant him that too, otherwise he will be unhappy. You shouldn't give it to dog care so often either - in case of doubt, your little friend would rather come to the office than stay with a dog sitter.

As loving and trusting as he is to his owners and people he knows, he is hesitant towards strangers: he needs a little while to embrace new people. A certain vigilance goes hand in hand with his slight discomfort towards strangers. But that doesn't mean he's a barker!

An overview of a few characteristics of the Maltese:

• Good-natured and meek
• Affectionate and loyal
• Active and lively
• Intelligent and attentive
• Submissive and cuddly
• Playful and carefree

Maltese care made easy: four accessories

The Maltese is a friendly, small family dog, whose care is not particularly demanding ...

A balanced, cuddly child friend

A family with children brings a reliable and child-loving dog into the house with the Malteser. He likes to play with them and enjoys being petted by the youngest. Even if his character is very calm, he finds romping around in the garden great and you can also practice a few tricks there with him: This very clever animal is certainly not lacking in willingness to learn!

Conversely, a Maltese may not be so suitable for you if you have little time for it, such as traveling a lot and often have to give the little ones into the care of friends or acquaintances. Even if the Maltese certainly has a lively and active being, he occasionally needs his periods of rest, in which he simply relaxes - preferably in close proximity to his master.

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