Cycling with the dog: the right equipment

If you want to ride a bike with your dog, you have to be sure that your furry companion is fit for it. If the four-legged friend's health and level of training permit cycling together, you still need the right equipment to make cycling a safe pleasure.

Safety equipment for humans and dogs

Safety begins on two wheels before the excursion. Ideally, your bike should be equipped with a back pedal. This is particularly helpful if you are holding the leash in your hand and therefore cannot operate the handbrake. As soon as you are out and about in the twilight or even in the dark, lights and reflectors are also mandatory - not only for the bike, but also for the dog and yourself.

Chest harness instead of collar when riding a bike

Your dog should wear well-fitting, padded harnesses when walking with you on the bike. A collar always harbors the risk of sudden, jerky movements affecting the dog's larynx and spine.

With good harness you can prevent injuries while cycling together. If you travel with your bike more often, you should regularly check your four-legged companion for chafe marks and replace the harnesses if necessary.

Which leash for cycling?

If you want to hold your dog's leash in your hand, it is best to use a sturdy leather leash with a length of one to two meters.
Tow lines or flex lines, on the other hand, are out of the question, because lines that are too long can get caught when riding a bicycle. Flexilines are also unwieldy and very noisy if you drop them accidentally, which means that there is a risk of an accident because your dog is scared.

Very practical: water dispenser for dogs

Whether at home or on the go: dogs must always have fresh water available. In addition to the simple ...

A jumper as an alternative to the leash

If you have your hands free, you can concentrate better on cycling and traffic. You have the option with a so-called jumper. It is a good, safe alternative to a leash. It is a flexible metal device that is mounted on the rear part of the bicycle frame. It keeps the dog at a distance from the bike so that it cannot run into the bike and compensates for jerking movements using a spring. A built-in safety device also releases the dog from the short leash if it gets caught in an obstacle.

Pause Equipment

If you are planning longer tours that do not lead past lakes or streams, it is extremely important that you have water not only for yourself, but also for your four-legged friend. There are now many practical water dispensers on the go that fit comfortably in any backpack.

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