Elephant ladies save baby elephants from pools

A baby elephant stretches its trunk a little too far forward over a water hole and it has happened: the little one falls into the pool and cannot come out of its own accord. The young animal desperately tries to get back on land and threatens to drown. But the rescue is approaching: The elephant ladies from the herd do not abandon the baby panther, as can be seen in this video.

Then the little pachyderm was lucky once again: He alone would not have been able to get out of the waterhole. The sand on the bank is too slippery for the still clumsy baby elephant feet. Again and again he slips and is about to drown. But you can rely on his herd. Together, the elephant mums try to pull the little one out with their proboscis.

When they do not want to succeed, the gray animals show their full commitment and climb into the water hole. With pushing, pushing and pushing it is then done: The Babyfant has ground under his feet again and is soaking wet and still a bit shaky on his feet with his herd.

Lovable dodger: elephant babies in action

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