Cute baby rhino born at Sidney Zoo

The cute baby rhino in the video is a small rhinoceros and was born at the Taronga Zoo in Sidney. In the wild, rhinos are considered endangered, so the cute little animal is a great success for the zoo's breeding program.

The little guy was born on October 25, 2015 and in the video it is about a week old. His mother Amala touches her offspring, who is also her first child. Rhinoceros females are pregnant for 16 months and suckle their calves for 18 months after birth. Baby rhinoceros babies usually stay with their mother for three years.

Females are sexually mature at five to seven years, males at eight to ten years. The life expectancy of the large rhinos is around 40 years, although the animals in zoos, where they are not threatened by poachers, can reach an even older age.

Heavy herbivores: rhinos

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