The Life Span of the French Bulldog

One of the joys of owning a dog is knowing he's always happy to share your company. It's natural to sometimes look at your pup and wonder how many years you'll have together. If your pal is a French bulldog, take heart in knowing a healthy Frenchie has a life span of nine to 12 years.

Achieving Longevity

The French bulldog is one of the brachycephalic breeds of dogs, meaning his face is compressed. This cute "smushed in" appearance means your pup's breathing can be difficult at times, such as when he's excited, when it's hot and when he's played a little too vigorously. Because of his potential breathing challenges, it's best to take precautionary measures, such as leaving him indoors in air conditioning on hot days and ensuring that he doesn't overexert himself. Other potential health problems with French bulldogs include intervertebral disk disease, airway deformities such as tight nostrils and overlong soft palates, and skin and ear diseases. Providing regular veterinary checkups, feeding a healthy diet and being mindful of your canine buddy's limitations will help him reach his life potential.

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