Persian cat: a calm but strong character

Quiet, relaxed and cuddly: the cozy Persian cat is known for these properties. However, their character has significantly more facets - the popular domestic cat is not guaranteed to be a boring "cuddly toy"! With its calm character, the Persian cat is one of the most popular indoor cats - Image: Shutterstock / Ronnachai Palas

With its peaceful, endearing character, the Persian cat is one of the most relaxed and balanced cat breeds in the world. Her less pronounced desire for freedom also makes her the ideal house cat. In addition, the care-intensive long-haired cat is also considered a little peculiar.

The Persian cat: a velvet paw that knows what it wants

It is common knowledge that cats like to get their own head through - but this will is particularly strong among Persians. However, she knows how to carry out what she wants in a gentle and charming way, for example in terms of cuddle units.

She is very cuddly, but on one condition: she decides when it is time for cuddle units and also who is allowed to stroke her. The picky cat does not give her heart to everyone - it takes some time to warm up with someone and chooses her caregiver herself. She then shows herself particularly loyal, loving and affectionate to her.

Persian cat: special care for a special cat

The Persian cat is one of the most popular, but also one of the most care-intensive cat breeds. You…

A smart, cozy four-legged friend

The Persian cat likes to take her life calmly. Adventure, climbing tours and the like are not for them. She prefers to enjoy the view from a warm window seat and spends time with her loved ones. In families, she usually integrates wonderfully and gets along very well with loving children. It is by no means pushy and rather skeptical of strangers. Like most cats, she also does not like to be alone and should not be kept as a single cat if you are working.

Who best suits the Persian cat?

With their almost stoic character, Persian cats go particularly well with people who like to take it easy. It can be wonderfully kept as a house cat, since its need for freedom and movement is limited anyway, and it does not need too much employment. In return, however, she needs daily help with grooming, which means you have to plan time for it. If you have very small children at home or those who are more wild, the Persian cat is not the right choice. She prefers to be calm and cozy around her and does not like to be disturbed. The Persian cat, on the other hand, is wonderfully suited for seniors and pensioners.

In the following video you will find a few tips for grooming Persian cats:

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