Ferrets and vacation: leave at home or take away?

If it were up to the ferrets, they would love to go on vacation with them. They are less localized than cats, for example, and find new, unknown places extremely exciting. However, there are a few things to consider if you want to take your goblins with you on vacation. It may be better to leave them at home. Ferrets like to come on vacation, but this requires careful planning - Shutterstock / Best dog photo

Many hotels and holiday homes are now used to dogs or cats and have no objection to housing the fur noses together with their owners. However, ferrets are less common as pets. It is therefore essential to inquire at your preferred accommodation whether you are allowed to bring your pets - even if pets are generally allowed there.

Take ferrets: prepare for your vacation

If you have found accommodation that has no objection to ferret husbandry, the next step is to prepare. To ensure that your animals don't lack anything on vacation, the following equipment should be included:
● Cage / enclosure
● dormitory
● Litter boxes
● litter
● bowls
● lining
● toys
● Vaccination certificate
● Official veterinary health certificate (when traveling abroad)

The best way to travel is by ferret in the car. Line up the usual goblin transport boxes with a soft cloth and place the boxes securely on the back seat. In the trunk it would be too stuffy for the animals. It must neither get too hot nor allow the ferrets to get drafts. On longer journeys, the animals may feel more comfortable if you transport them directly in the cage. Sufficient fresh water should be available to your frets during the trip.

Finally at the destination: make your holiday destination ferret-proof

Before you get the ferrets out of the car, take a look at the hotel room or holiday home in peace. Find a good place for the ferret cage and check the rooms for possible sources of danger. If you are sure that nothing can happen to your animals, set up the enclosure and the necessary equipment so that your fur noses can feel at home.

At the holiday destination, there are also walks with ferrets on a leash, provided they are used to it. This is a great pleasure for the curious goblins. However, only if you don't have to walk on asphalt or hot sand - a beach holiday with ferrets is therefore not a good idea.

Ferrets as pets: important information before buying

If you want to keep a ferret as a pet, you should not make this decision hastily ...

Leave ferrets at home on vacation: find animal care

So it is very expensive to go on vacation with the ferrets. If, despite thorough, early planning, there is no way to do this, you can have your animals looked after at home. Ideally, your friends or family members have time to step in as ferret sitter. At best, they already know the animals themselves. Nevertheless, write down everything important and also write down the telephone number of the veterinarian and your contact details at the holiday location.

There are also professional ferret sitters who can take care of your fur noses. In our guide "Finding cat sitters: 3 tips for the right choice" you will find a few tips for good holiday care for cats that can be transferred to ferret care. If necessary, contact the nearest ferret helper - they will be happy to help you there.

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