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Dispute in the multi-cat household: possible reasons

While two or more cats can cope well in one household, there is constant conflict in the next. Find out here what the reasons for the permanent war in the multi-cat household can be. In a multi-cat household, arguments are not far - the main thing is that everyone gets along afterwards - Shutterstock / Samarskiy

Cats can play so cute with their peers and sometimes seem to be the most peaceful animals in the world. But there are cases when the other people literally scratch their eyes out. Then you should know the possible reasons and correctly interpret the signs of your room tigers.

Dispute in the multi-cat household: Too little personal development space

Even if cats are basically social animals: it is in their nature to hunt alone. In this respect, they will defend what they need for themselves. Here the animals are very different individually. While one room tiger hardly needs anything "on its own", the next one is extremely sensitive to this topic.

This does not only refer to the actual prey, the feeding bowl, space and litter box are things that your velvet paw may want to claim for itself. If you feel that there are permanent conflicts about these resources and there are rigid duels or attempts to disrupt your roommates: Provide additional material. Try out which solution works best. Sometimes a second bowl next to the other does it. Then again it is worthwhile to provide another, separate place to eat. The same applies to the litter boxes.

When playing, you can also ensure that your cats have enough space for themselves to develop. Use multiple toys. Or split the game with the animals between yourself and another family member to focus individually on the cats.

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Not enough space upwards leads to arguments in the multi-cat household

The rule is: the more space your cats have at height, the more relaxed it is for everyone involved. The reason is simple: Velvet paws often prefer height - for a variety of reasons. Sometimes a fur nose wants to stand out and be the highest as the highest. Then again a particularly shy specimen looks for the height in order to feel more secure. If there are no alternative options, conflicts often arise. Provide another cat scratching post, window seats or platforms so that the situation relaxes. Do not forget: We humans live in a horizontal world while the cats are traveling on several spatial levels.

If you watch too long, the argument in the multi-cat household will intensify

If your Stubentiger fights conflict, the situation becomes more and more stuck the longer the struggles drag on. Conversely, this means for you: as soon as you even begin to notice that there is a problem between your kitties, you should change something. For example, if there is a direct confrontation at the bowl or one cat follows the other to the litter box to disturb: Modify the external conditions as quickly as possible to create more personal space. Of course, from time to time it will happen that your velvet paws will cable themselves. But if you make sure that there is enough for everyone and that there are enough opportunities to retreat as directly as possible, the likelihood of permanent conflicts will drop dramatically.

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