German bear dog: Appropriate keeping

A German bear dog is not suitable for every household. Due to its imposing size, the attitude in the city is rather not recommended. A farm or a house with a large garden is the purest paradise for this breed. A German bear dog feels most comfortable when it can let off steam - cc / Wikimedia / Bruceleespor

With a withers height of up to 85 centimeters, a German bear dog is one of the very large dogs. Mainly because of its size, a species-appropriate attitude is a challenge for these meek giants. Specifically, this means that an animal of its format has no business in a city apartment.

German bear dog: perfect for families

A German bear dog is a very family-related four-legged friend. He seeks closeness to humans and does not want to be separated from his master for too long. This is partly due to the protective instinct that this breed of dog has developed over many years. So plan enough time for him. The good-natured giant prefers to lie close to its owners and watch what is going on. When he has his "flock" around him, the world is fine for him. The prudent four-legged friend has something for himself: he only barks very rarely and therefore does not necessarily attract the attention of your neighbors, at least acoustically.

Germanic bear dog: family-related four-legged friend

A German bear dog is the ideal family dog. He is not only cuddly and fond of children ...

Appropriate keeping: The main thing is a lot of space

A German bear dog also needs a lot of exercise. A large farm is ideal, but you can also keep the large four-legged friend in a spacious garden. If you cannot call a large garden your own, there should be at least a piece of forest or a spacious meadow nearby where a German bear dog can really let off steam. In contrast, this dog breed should not be kept in the city. Because neither in a small apartment nor on the crowded streets of a big city can the big four-legged friend really develop.

Germanic bear dog: employment and dog sport

The Germanic Bear Dog is happy to have the opportunity to live out its protective instinct, for example as a watchdog for your house or property. Extended but relaxed walks are also good for him. You can also try out search games with him by hiding treats in the apartment or in the garden and helping your dog to find them. Due to its size, not every dog ​​sport is suitable for him - he would have no fun with agility training or dog dancing. However, many Germanic bear dogs like water and like to swim - this is easy on the joints and keeps them fit. Retriever games are also great for keeping your dog busy. Like many large dog breeds, a German bear dog is also enthusiastic about the dog sport. However, make sure that you only start training when it is fully grown.

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