Tiny teacup bulldog almost never survived

The little English Bulldog in the video is called Hopelily and almost died in the young puppy age. English bulldogs are susceptible to numerous diseases and teacup dogs like Hopelily are also born with various health problems. These dogs, intentionally bred by unscrupulous people, usually only survive for a few days or weeks.

But Hopelily is a real fighter. When the animal rights activist and dog lover Nikki Carvey - founder of the dog rescue organization "Road Dogs And Rescue" - found the tiny teacup bitch, the little girl didn't even weigh a kilogram. Their chances of survival were not good at all; the combination of disease-prone dog breed and deliberately bred short stature seemed to seal her tragic fate.

Hopelily not only survived, she now enjoys her life to the fullest. She plays and cuddles with her dog friends, is squeaky happy and does not need to hide behind her larger peers. Keep it up, little Hopelily, and many, many beautiful dog years!

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