Cheeky Highlander kitten Panda annoys tomcat Rocky

The fluffy cat in the video is called Panda and is a Highlander kitty. The cat is her big brother Rocky, who comes from an earlier litter of their mother Coco. Rocky's little sister has a fist thick behind the fleece tubes and tries everything to annoy her brother. But it cannot be disturbed.

How nice that the two siblings understand each other so well and have so much fun with each other. Kitten Panda slaps her paws for Tom Rocky. This patiently tolerates it - as it should be for a big brother.

In the next video, cat Rocky can be seen as a baby boy. We can also watch him grow up.

Kitty Panda used to be smaller too. And even then she had a lot of fun with her brothers and sisters of the same age:

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