Buy Highlander cat: character of British long hair

The Highlander cat is closely related to the British Shorthair (BKH), but has half-long fur. Therefore, it is also known as British Long Hair (BLH). Her character is usually calm and sweet, but still playful. The Highlander cat or British long hair is a cozy, playful salon lion - Shutterstock / kuban_girl

The British longhair or Highlander cat was originally created by crossing a British shorthair with a Persian cat. Sometimes, however, spontaneous mutations also give birth to offspring with longer fur in a purebred BKH couple - these are then also considered British long-haired.

Highlander cat: cozy character

In terms of character, the Highlander cat is very similar to the BKH due to its close relationship, it is also of a cozy nature and likes to take it easy. She is balanced and relaxed, but at the same time curious and cuddly. The British longhair also feels at home in pure housekeeping, provided that it has a nice, sufficiently large scratching post and lots of cozy sleeping spaces.

She is not very loud and shows her affection rather through subtle proofs of love. Nevertheless, she is trusting and affectionate when she has settled in at your home. The Highlander cat usually gets along well with children as long as they don't annoy them too much. She doesn't need adventure, but she still likes to play - for example with a play fishing rod or a catnip soft toy.

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Posture tips for the British long hair

The British long hair is fairly straightforward to hold. If she has enough scratching options and places to sleep, that's enough for her. In addition, she needs a small wellness treatment with fur care once a week - more often when changing fur in autumn and spring. If you work during the day and your Highlander cat stays alone, you should put a companion to her side. Since it is very peaceful, it is usually compatible with all kinds of cats. The British longhair often even makes friends with dogs without any problems. However, she appreciates it if her animal cuddly and playmate fits her character and temperament to her cozy nature.

The Highlander cat does not necessarily need freedom to be happy. However, she is sure to be happy when she can get some fresh air on a secured balcony or in a cat enclosure. If you have a garden, you can also fence it out so that your furry nose can take small trips there.

Buying a Highlander cat: tips

If you want to buy a Highlander cat, it's best to go to a reputable breeder. Pick out a few hobby breeds that specialize in British longhair, browse through their websites a little and meet up with those who make a good impression on you. With good breeders, you can look at the animals without any obligation and get advice. Check whether the cats have enough space, family connections, climbing and playing opportunities, whether it is clean and whether the breeder looks competent.

Pedigree cats come at a price because recognized breeding associations and keeping the fur noses in a species-appropriate manner cost a lot of money. In addition, breeders have to carry out regular health checks on their animals. If you have decided on a Highlander cat, you conclude a purchase contract with the breeder, you are given the family tree of your companion, health certificate and vaccination certificate. Alternatively, you can ask the shelter if they have Highlander cats there. The nominal fee is usually lower than the price of a pedigree cat from the breeder and you are doing something good.

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