Does a Manchester Terrier Erect Its Ears?

There are two varieties of the Manchester terrier, the standard-sized and the toy. Visually resembling a downsized Doberman pinscher, both variations of the Manchester terrier sport black and tan coats, and have wedge-shaped heads, almond-shaped eyes and tapered tails. The only observable differences between the two are their sizes and the appearance of their ears.

Standard Manchester Terrier

The standard Manchester terrier is a member of the American Kennel Club’s terrier group, weighing 12 to 22 pounds. The ears of a standard Manchester terrier may present in one of three different forms. They may be naturally erect, meaning that the ears are shaped like an inverted “V,” and the tips are pointing upward. They may be button ears, meaning that the upper half of the ear flips forward so that the tip points downward and covers the opening of the ear. Some owners opt to have their standard Manchester terrier’s ears cropped. Successfully cropped ears appear long, narrow, pointed and stand straight up. In the show rings, no preference is given to any of the three presentations.

Toy Manchester Terrier

This smaller variation of the Manchester terrier that weighs less than 12 pounds belongs to the American Kennel Club’s toy group. Unlike the standard Manchester terrier, the toy Manchester terrier has only one acceptable ear presentation. A toy Manchester’s ears must be naturally erect. Ears that have been cropped result in immediate disqualification in the show ring. Natural ears that lack pointed tips, flare too widely at the base or exhibit a bell shape instead of the inverted “V” are considered faults.

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