Cat friends Maru and Hana play catch

Maru and Hana not only like to cuddle together, but occasionally chase themselves across the apartment, as in this video. The two cats have a lot of fun playing catches, hopping over the couch, onto the scratching post and down again ... you would like to play with that!

When catching games, Maru and Hana prove to be equal opponents. The otherwise cozy cat Maru really blooms while hunting, hops happily around and tries to catch his nimble cat friend. At one point, the cuddly tiger hides behind the couch while Hana is sitting on it and looking for him. Suddenly, Marus' plush paw peeps out from between a gap in the sofa - Hana tries to catch it, but the sly Scottish Fold hangover is faster. Too cute, the two of them!

Ten reasons why you have to love Maru

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