How Many Pig Ears Should I Feed My Puppy?

Dried pig ears are a fairly popular treat given to dogs. However, pig ears may not be the best choice to feed to your puppy.

Pig Ears and Dental Health

If you want to give your puppy pig ears for her oral health, studies have failed to establish any such benefits, as WebMD notes. In fact, chewing on hard pig ears can lead to broken teeth in puppies or dogs with dental disease. Instead, feed your puppy kibble or low-calorie treats or chews designed to provide dental benefits. Regular tooth and gum brushing is essential, too. Ask your vet for product suggestions, whether a dental rinse is a good idea and for a demonstration of proper brushing technique.

Dangers of Pig Ears

Pig ears have been found on more than rare occasions to be contaminated with salmonella and other bacteria. This can cause illness in puppies, who are at high risk for dehydration when feverish or suffering diarrhea or vomiting. Humans and other pets can be sickened by bacterial contamination, too. Also, pig ears are high in fat and calories, contributing to digestive discomfort and unhealthy weight gain and increasing the risk of pancreatitis in susceptible dogs.


Watch the video: Edu Eating a Raw Pig Ear and Chicken Hearts (November 2021).

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