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Fighting cat fleas in the apartment: tips

Cat fleas in the apartment are not uncommon: the fur of the house tiger is perfect for the tiny parasites. Here you will find tips on how to effectively combat a flea plague in your own four walls. Cat fleas in the apartment are particularly stubborn on carpets - Image: Shutterstock / Olesya Kuznetsova

Cats offer the best conditions for fleas under their warm fur. That is why the little pests are so happy to nest with their four-legged friends. You should fight cat fleas in the apartment as soon as possible. Because on the one hand the animal suffers, on the other hand the small parasites are also transmitted to humans. The exterminator must come when all the flea products and tips no longer help.

Cat fleas in the apartment: react quickly

Often, cat fleas nest in the home without you noticing. At the latest when your cats scratch and small red spots are visible on the skin, the flea infestation is clear. To give your darling relief, you should first treat the flea bites directly and rid the cat's fur of fleas.

In addition, you have to fight the cat fleas in the apartment so that they do not attack your fur nose immediately or go to humans. React quickly, because fleas multiply like on the assembly line and are very resistant parasites. Covers and bedclothes can be cleaned in the washing machine at a temperature of at least 60 degrees Celsius, non-washable textiles and surfaces such as carpets, upholstered furniture, the cat scratching post and other sleeping and sleeping areas are best sprayed with a pesticide that is not toxic to cats. Then vacuum thoroughly everywhere.

Tips: Combat parasites effectively

Use the anti-flea spray anywhere in the home where fleas and larvae could hide - in floorboards, cracks and on carpets and in all places where your cat likes to be. Because you only control the adult cat fleas in the apartment with a single application, you should spray again after two to three weeks and vacuum regularly. This is how you destroy the larvae that have hatched in the meantime - before they can reproduce again.

Flea products for cats: which are there?

Fleas are a horror for cat owners, because when the parasites first enter the cat fur ...

Tips: Avoid cat fleas in the apartment

Tips to avoid cat fleas in the apartment: On the one hand, find out about the causes of a cat flea infestation. In addition, you should regularly examine your darling with a flea comb and always keep the cat blanket and the basket clean. You can also buy a flea collar and use spot-on products. Attention: Flea collars pose a risk, especially for free walkers, of getting caught in the bushes or on branches while straying around. When buying, make sure that the collars open easily in such a case so that your cat does not get injured. If you have any concerns, ask your veterinarian for advice.

If nothing helps at all, and you are not in control, contact a exterminator: the experts quickly get rid of the small parasites.

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