Ragdoll tomcat Timo relaxes in funny poses

Ragdoll tomcat Timo rightly has a lot of fans. This short film should increase his fan base even more. Because the fluffy fur nose shows once again that it can simply relax anywhere and in any position. And that's incredibly cute.

We already know that relaxing with Ragdoll tomcat Timo is good. Again, he shows that relaxing is one of his favorite things to do. But Timo is not just lying there, no, it must be the funniest poses: either he is sitting on his butt on the couch or he is lying on his back in his basket while he has his hind legs hanging out - Timo does it just like that everywhere really cozy. Awesome, as you can see, that he feels most comfortable in his home with his favorite people - that's the way every cat should be.

Here you can see more funny poses from Ragdoll tomcat Timo:

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