Ragdoll tomcat Timo finds Pokémon Go goofy

Ragdoll tomcat Timo finds Pokémon Go goofy

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Well, not everyone likes the new and extremely popular game Pokémon GO: Ragdoll tomcat Timo, it obviously feels like a waste of time, as can be seen in the video. What a (cats) misery - da, Timo's owner must look for another pastime.

Ragdoll tomcat Timo is enthusiastic about a lot of things, for example fighting Christmas decorations, relaxing in hammocks, hunting insects or playing ball. But with Pokémon GO, the fun really stops! Bored Timo aka "Pikachu" sits on his armchair when the supposed Pokémon trainer arrives with his plastic Poké Ball. It almost seems as if he would like to say: "Um, what is this all about? Can't you think of a better game? How boring." Funny, that bored look on that furry, fluffy hangover face. Ultimately, Timo would like to at least take a taste sample and bite into the red plastic ball.

In one of the comments below the video, the droll tomcat "TimoMon" was christened - for sure he is now one of the extremely rare Pokémon!

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