The right coat care for short hair cats

Even if your velvet paw does not have long fur, it needs adequate fur care. Because short-haired cats, especially as domestic tigers, sometimes have to struggle with their fur. With a few simple tricks, you can persuade even the most unwilling fur ball for regular hair care. "Oh, that's nice," thinks this cute short-haired cat, and enjoys her fur care - Shutterstock / Chayut Thanapochoochoung

At the latest when spring approaches, owners of short-haired cats will also notice that grooming is popular with their favorites. Because when the little balls of fur take off their winter fur, they distribute their lint all over the apartment - regardless of whether they are free-riders or domestic tigers.

Why grooming is also important for short hair cats

You should not only care for the fur of your short-haired velvet paw when changing fur. It is advisable to comb the fur through at least once a week. This is especially important for cozy salon lions without a run. They cannot strip their fur on branches and bushes outside and also clean themselves much more often than their free-range counterparts.

This can lead to the formation of hairballs. Not only are they an ugly sight when your cat chokes them out and spits them out on your carpet, they can also be dangerous for your fur nose. So it can happen that the hairballs get stuck in the intestine and lead to a partial or complete intestinal obstruction. This must be treated surgically as soon as possible, otherwise there is a risk to life! In our guide "When cats vomit hairballs: when to the vet?" find out whether the hairball at your kitty is worrying or not.

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The optimal fur care for short-haired fellows

The right brush or comb is half the battle. In the meantime there are even special brushes that are very expensive, but achieve the best effect. Always comb with the grain - the opposite direction could cause pain to your darling, as healthy, not yet loose hair is plucked. A plucking brush is suitable for working through the soft undercoat.

If your cat strictly refuses to groom, try it playfully. Let them catch the brush and bite into it. You should always give reward treats while brushing. Snacks from tubes, which can also be sipped, are particularly suitable here. By the way, you can also groom short-haired cats from the inside. In addition to high-quality feed that contains all the substances a cat needs, salmon oil can also be offered. It contributes significantly to a shiny coat.

Which brush for which cat breed?

Not all shorthair cats have the same fur structure. Some cat breeds like the Abyssinian, Siamese, Burma or Russian Blue have very short, tight-fitting fur. Others have a lot of fluffy undercoat and their fur is plush and dense - this includes the Scottish Fold, the British Shorthair (BKH) or some domestic cats. The Rex cat breeds are also short-haired cats, but with their soft curls need different care than their peers. The following brushes and combs are best suited for the respective fur structure:

Abyssinian cat fur

If there is no upcoming fur change season, you can wipe cats with tight-fitting short fur with a piece of deer leather to free dust, loose skin and the few loose hairs. A soft massage brush should also please your kitty. During the change of fur you can spoil your velvet paw with a rubber stud brush or a rubber stud glove. A narrow-toothed comb with rounded tips and short prongs also helps to get as much loose hair as possible.

Short but fluffy: proper grooming

If your cat has a dense, short fluffy fur like the famous Scottish-fold tomcat Maru, she looks forward to regular care with a soft massage brush that contains natural bristles. A comb with slightly longer but wider tines and rounded tips also helps to remove loose hair. A wire brush with curved tines is also useful when changing fur. Kater Maru shows in the following video how much he loves grooming:

Brush Cornish Rex and Co. gently

It is important for Rex cat breeds that the brush or comb glides effortlessly through the curls. A narrow-toothed comb with short, rounded teeth and a soft brush serve this purpose. Most curly haired cats willingly accept a gentle massage brush for their daily coat care and wellness treatment.

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