Cat lovers conquer the bed of their favorite people

You can see what happens when cats conquer a bed in this video. Funny what the velvet paws do. There is fighting, cuddling, dressing up, playing hide and seek and so on. The sugar-sweet bed kitty here is definitely not boring.

The cats on the bed are called Thunder and Monkey, Cupcake and Roodi and Kami. The mistress's bed seems to be everyone's favorite place. Well, why not? After all, the cats can do everything there, from playing to chilling to fighting fun. A special highlight is the turquoise laundry net, in which one or the other fur nose likes to hop off the bed. Have fun, you bullies!

Let cat sleep in bed: yes or no?

A cat in bed is the epitome of bliss for many cat owners. Who brings it ...

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