This is the best way for your rat to recover after an operation

Surgery in rats can have very different reasons, such as abscesses, tumors or castrations. But such a surgical procedure is a drastic and stressful experience for such a small rodent body. So there are some rules to consider after the operation. Sweet Fratz is recovering from his surgery and sleeping well! - Shutterstock / Preobrajenskiy

Starting the recovery phase of an operation completely unprepared can still have undesirable consequences even after a successful operation. Read in our guide what you need to consider after an operation and what you should be preparing for it, if necessary.

Rats: recovery after surgery

This detailed checklist provides information on what to look out for after an operation so that your rat can recover quickly:

  • ● Separate "health cage": After surgery, your rat will become weak. Despite all the longing, the newly operated animal should under no circumstances be put back into its group immediately. It takes rest to recover and you need to keep a close eye on your little patient. Put your sweet rodent in a sterile single cage for several days. The likelihood of inflammation is also kept as low as possible in this way. To do this, the cage must always be kept as clean as possible. In addition, your rat is far too weak to fight back after surgery if there are clashes in the pack.
  • ● Water and feed: As long as your rodent is dazed by the anesthetic, do not offer him any food. In the next few days, the little animal patient should only eat porridge and fresh food. Flat bowls or plates are best suited for your recently operated rat - the nipple drinker may be too high for the weakened animal.
  • ● Minimalist cage setup: Set up the "sick cage" minimalist. This means that the rat must not use obstacles or climbing opportunities, otherwise the wound may tear open again. Avoid litter and prefer to use kitchen towels for hygienic reasons.
  • ● Keep rat warm: It would also be good if you tried to keep your rat warm, for example with a hot water bottle. There are special models for pets on the market.

Treat tumors and tumors in rats

If the vet wants to treat tumors in rats, this is due to the small delicate body of ...

  • ● As little stress as possible: The run or rat playground now has to wait for some time. Here, too, the risk is simply too great that the seam will open. Stressful experiences can also disrupt the healing process. So don't put too much activity on your rat. Does she suffer from significant stress due to isolation? Then put a familiar, calm companion in the sick cage.
  • ● Cuddles: As little stress as possible yes, but of course that does not exclude other attentions. Has your rat always been fond of cuddling and cuddling? Then of course they also benefit the healing process.
  • ● Hygiene: If your rat is even too weak for its own personal hygiene, it needs help with it. Simply use lukewarm clear water and a soft washcloth. Clean the genital area to prevent inflammation at this point.

Complications after the operation

If your rat is in severe pain, refuses to eat, or exhibits any other unusual behavior, there may be something wrong. Even if no faeces or urine is visible on the kitchen towels, take your little rodent to the vet as soon as possible. He can give you pain relievers and give advice if the wound has become infected or other problems have occurred.

What if your rat tears out the surgical threads? This phenomenon occurs from time to time when the rat finds the seam and threads disturbing. A bandage or a ruff is recommended here. The latter is especially available for rodents in the trade, but hinders your rat in all everyday situations. A bandage can be made from gauze bandage and, for example, a nylon stocking. However, this must not be too tight and is not easy to put on the animal. Here you may need a second person as support.

Now you are well prepared. If the veterinarian gives the green light at the follow-up appointment, because the wound has healed well and the rat is fit again, you can put your protégé back with his friends. You and your pack will be happy to see you again!

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