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Cute squid makes scientists laugh

The cute little sea creature in the video is an octopus that has settled on the ocean floor to wait for prey. Instead of crabs and small fish, a submarine with scientists who watch the cute little animal come by. With its googly eyes, the squid is so cute and cuddly that the researchers can hardly stop giggling with delight.

"It looks like a child's toy!" Laughs one of the scientists when she sees the squirrel-eyed squid. In fact, the cute little guy looks like a soft toy: that's because of his big-eyed, astonished look and the purple tentacles that are waiting to catch tasty small sea creatures. The cuddly journeyman really doesn't look like a predator - but you shouldn't be fooled by his appearance, at least if you are a small crab.

Sea creature with long tentacles: octopus

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