Flat Coated Retriever: What to think about before buying

Are you considering buying a flat coated retriever? If you are looking for a devoted but also in need of family member, this breed is the right choice. This also applies to hunters who are looking for a loyal companion and reliable retriever. Nevertheless, you should not break such a decision over your knee, but consider a few things. This cute flat coated retriever has just had a long walk - Shutterstock / Mikkel Bigandt

The Flat Coated Retriever from Great Britain is extremely strong and extremely robust. It owes its elegant charisma to its smooth, medium-long fur, which is mostly black - in rare cases also liver brown. The flat with its 60 cm withers height and up to 36 kg body weight belongs to the medium-sized dog breeds. With good health, appropriate care and husbandry, he can live ten to 15 years.

Who is the Flat Coated Retriever suitable for?

The Flat Coated Retriever is suitable as a pure hunting dog, but also as a family dog. However, he prefers a mixture of the two. The animal needs constant connection to the family and close ties. The Flat Coated Retriever feels most comfortable in a particularly active family, in which his loved ones really have time for him. Frequent nature walks should be the norm. People with a full-time job cannot do justice to this breed. If the urge to move is adequately and constantly satisfied, it can feel comfortable with you even in a small apartment. This loyal soul likes to be a good playmate to children in the family.

A flat generally also accepts other pets as family members, regardless of their type. A positive first encounter is extremely important. Chances are that your cat and your Flat Coated Retriever will even become big friends or that as a second dog it will allow a close bond with the first dog. The breed is often used even as a companion dog. However, this should not be the primary goal. There are other well-suited dog breeds for a common ride.

Diverse capabilities of the Flat Coated Retriever

Once bred for retrieval work, the Flat Coated Retriever has it in its blood. His playfulness and extremely good sense of nose, combined with his love for water, make him an incredibly good fitter. If he does not find his place as a hunting dog, this can be compensated for with the classic dummy work. Like the breed, it comes from England and makes dog and owner equally happy. A dummy is a kind of dummy that symbolizes a prey and can be used for many exciting retrieval tasks. So the animal is always in its element. His appetite for water can also be satisfied in this way. Here's a flat coated retriever doing dummy work:

This dog breed has a lot more on the box. His extraordinarily good instinct and curiosity give the four-legged friend encouragement in many other areas. He often finds his calling as a tracking or rescue dog - due to its high resilience even in crisis areas. A lovingly cared for Flat Coated Retriever gives everything for its owner.

Buying a dog: Good preparation is important

Buying a dog is a great thing. But before you buy, you should carefully ...

If he is intended as a pure family dog ​​without "obligations", it is important to challenge him otherwise - at best by receiving an education. The practice of dog sports such as agility, flyball and recreational sports also provides compensation for the flat coated retriever.

In summary: consider before buying

Anyone who has opted for this lively and in need of breed should prepare to change their own lives if necessary. For example, you have to adapt your hobbies to the needs of the dog and much more. Here is an overview:

A Flat Coated Retriever ...

  • ● Live with you under the same roof for the next ten to 15 years, because he should never live in a dog kennel
  • ● leaves his long tufts of hair in the apartment or house during this time
  • ● costs his owner a lot of time and energy, like all dogs he needs upbringing to develop his strengths and traits
  • ● always want to be planned as a full family member, whether for a day trip or the whole vacation - or at least cared for by loving people during your absence
  • ● loves water and, in addition to other active pursuits, needs cool water experiences here and there

Has your decision been made? Then it's time to find the right puppy. Avoid dubious newspaper advertisements. Better look for clubs like the DRC (German Retriever Club e.V.). The next step should be to properly prepare your home for the puppy. On the one hand, so that he immediately feels comfortable and you have a good start with the little racker, on the other hand, his environment must be puppy-safe. Eliminate sources of danger such as power cables, cleaning agents, tablets or poisonous potted plants. If other animals live in the household, be careful when making the first contact. Finally, you will find a small shopping list for your animal family addition in the guide "Buy original equipment for puppies: Tips".

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