Hungry foster cats squeak

The seven tiny squeaky kittens in the video are all sweet as sugar! How cute they greet their new foster dad when he comes to them in the morning. The velvet paws were saved at a very young age and are now lovingly fondled until they are big, strong and old enough to come into loving new families.

The little ones were probably only a week old when they were saved. They initially stayed with their mother, a wild stray dog, and then came to Doug and Sharon, Canadian cat friends who regularly take care of kittens. When dad Doug comes to the kittens in the morning, they are really looking forward to their breakfast.

They squeak and shout and ask for their cat food, which they will get later. One of the little Point kittens in particular is visibly eager to finally get something between their teeth. In the last shot you can see how the glorious seven munch happily and contentedly.

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