Red tiger kitten gang with their mom Cinnamon

The cat mother of the rascals in the video is called Cinnamon and was rescued from the street as a pregnant stray cat. Dear people took care of her and helped her to raise her kittens. All the red tabby Schnuffelschnuten in the movies are now grown up and have been adopted into loving families - a Miez, Saffron, has stayed with her foster family.

Female red tiger cats are relatively rare, mostly tabbies with red fur are hangovers. So probably all of the kittens in the video have a red-tabby dad who, together with the charming Cinnamon, has passed on his pretty coat color to the four cat girls and the two cats from the litter. The sweet tooth that has remained with her foster family is now called Nuala and has her own Facebook page "Nuala Palooza", where you can read more about her story and that of her loving mom in a photo diary.

There you learn, for example, that Cinnamon gave birth all by herself when her human foster parents were at work. Sadly, you also find out why she doesn't continue to live there with her daughter ... Cinnamon had to be anesthetized for a hip operation and her heart stopped beating - probably because of an innate and undetected heart failure. But if she looks down on her cute kittens from the cat's sky and knows that they have all found lovely families, are warm and safe, then she is surely extremely happy and proud of her babies. So that this story doesn't end too sadly, here are two funny videos of the lively kitten gang playing:

Red kittens: velvet paws with a cute look

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