Why cats like to lie on paper

Cats amaze and amuse their favorite people with the strangest habits. They like to sit or lay on paper, even if there is soft carpeting all around. Sometimes they make themselves comfortable on the books, newspapers or magazines that their people are reading. Why are you doing that? "What are you reading? Can I read along? Oh, I just stay here, it's so nice and cozy": Little cat loves paper - Shutterstock / Demidov Sergey

Paper is an interesting material for cats for a variety of reasons that addresses many of their needs. This fulfills their curiosity, their desire for security, warmth and security, and they get pampering and attention when they disturb their hearts while reading.

Paper is nice and warm and cats feel safe there

Cardboard, newsprint and Co. are excellent insulation and insulating materials. If cats like to lie on paper that is just lying around in the area, the reason is usually that it is wonderfully warm there. And warm places like fur noses the most. In addition, paper absorbs odors well. If you have touched the leaf before and your cat then mixes its own scent notes by treading, rubbing the head or sitting down, this is a familiar and soothing smell for them. She feels safe, warm and secure on paper - that is, all around, as the fur nose shows in this video:

Why do cats love tight boxes and boxes?

Many cat owners know it: you bring a new cat toy, unpack it and the cat ...

Fur noses want to be noticed

Cats have very fine senses and feel the mood of their favorite people very precisely. When we read, we are usually calm, focused, relaxed and satisfied. The fur noses find this very pleasant and like to keep us company. However, they don't appreciate it so much if they are ignored, so they call for our attention if we ignore them. Since they notice that the attention is now fully on the piece of paper in front of our nose, they lie there exactly. However, do not scare away your cat in such moments, after all, it is meant as a proof of love if she tries to get your attention. It is best to take a little reading break and take a cuddling session instead.

Curiosity: paper makes interesting noises

That being said, cats are also naturally curious and enjoy exploring things around them. Paper crackles and rustles; it makes noises that might also indicate a prey, and Miez must of course check this thoroughly. If your cat plays with paper, keep an eye on them despite their cuteness, so that they don't accidentally swallow too much of them when you tear the paper and risk an intestinal obstruction. Instead, offer her more hours of play with safe toys.

The room tiger in the next video cannot get enough of plucking a piece of paper with his paw. But finally he realizes that the material is also very cozy - and rolls up comfortably on the sheet:

The favorite person of the two famous internet cats Cole and Marmalade took advantage of the love for paper of his fur lines and prepared a dreamy wrapping paper labyrinth for playing for the kitty on Cole's fourth birthday. See for yourself how much fun the two have with this great surprise:

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