Border Collie and Mistress enchant with their dance art

Border Collie Lizzy and Mistress Sandra Roth show in the video their choreography for "The Last Unicorn" from the film "The Last Unicorn", which they rehearsed for the dog-dancing competition OEC in 2014. The cute dog and his favorite person made the first place in the "Freestyle" category - and absolutely deserved it.

How Lizzy and Sandra form a unit while dancing and glide over the dance floor in graceful harmony with the music is so wonderful that you get goose bumps. Border Collies with their great intelligence are among the smartest dog breeds at all and are very active. Accordingly, the dogs must also be kept busy so that they do not suffer from boredom and behavior disorders creep in. With the dog sport dog dancing, Sandra and Lizzy have apparently found a perfect hobby in which the border collie bitch can let off steam both physically and mentally.

Highly concentrated and still having fun, Lizzy apparently knows at every second what steps she has to take and what her owner wants from her. Sometimes she doesn't even have to look at her human mom to know how the choreography will go on. Just great!

Dog dancing: what is it?

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