Dog fence for the garden: possibilities and tips

Dogs like to be outside, even in the garden. A dog fence for the garden ensures safety and protection - both for your four-legged friend and for people, especially children. There are several types of fences that are suitable for dogs. Find out more about the possibilities of dog-friendly property fencing here. Does someone want to slip under the fence? Watch out for weak spots in the dog fence - Shutterstock / Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH

Basically, dog fences are there to keep the dog within the property boundaries - so the fur snout can play and romp in the garden without permanent surveillance. At the same time, fences offer protection. Dog owners can choose between permanently installed classic fences, mobile dog fences and invisible or electric fences. The latter are very controversial among animal rights activists and animal lovers, especially when working with electrocution.

Classic dog fence for the garden: simple and safe

The classic dog fence for the garden is basically a normal garden fence. Fences are available in hardware stores and specialist shops in all shapes, heights and colors - when buying, make sure that the fence is high enough so that your fur nose cannot just jump over it. Your dog should also not be able to slip through the gaps between the fence slats or possible holes. Whether you prefer a dog fence for the garden made of wood, metal or plastic is up to your taste. The fence should enclose the entire property and be processed so that it is dog-safe, i.e. it should not show any open nails or sharp edges where wuff could get injured.

Mobile dog fence: quick to set up and flexible

As the name suggests, a mobile dog fence is a fence that can be flexibly set up and dismantled with relatively little effort. Depending on the variant, you can also vary the size of the mobile dog fence, for example by fencing only a certain area of ​​your garden in which your animal partner can then stay. Pull-out wire or plastic mesh fences (pasture fences), extendable wood or plastic variants or also plug-in fences are possible. Inform yourself in specialist shops about suitable variants.

How to make your garden dog-safe

If you want to make your garden dog-safe, you should on the one hand eliminate sources of danger, on the other hand ...

Invisible dog fence: underground fence with cable

The invisible, electric dog fence for the garden is a method that animal rights activists and animal lovers look at with shakes of their heads. An invisible dog fence works on a radio principle: A cable laid underground frames the property and creates a magnetic field in connection with a system of radio transmitter and radio receiver. The dog wears the radio receiver on the dog collar. If the four-legged friend enters the area above the cable that has the magnetic field around it, there is an interference signal or a puncture current for the dog. After a while, the dog recognizes the property boundary. There are also other invisible fence variants, such as the wireless fence, in which a (magnetic field) radius can be set within which the dog can then move - the principle in which there is again a system with transmitter and receiver very similar.

Warning: invisible dog fences are controversial! The use of electric shocks to train dogs is not a tried and tested method and can lead to serious behavioral problems in the dog and other problems. The dog can also lock himself out if he runs too quickly across the property boundary and then no longer dares to go back over the invisible marking due to the punitive stimulus - the magnetic field ultimately acts from both sides. We do not recommend the use of electric dog fences.

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