Building bonds with other cats: 5 tips

Whether your own velvet paw or someone else's fur nose - to build a good bond with cats, you have to stick to a certain label. Certain behaviors make you sympathetic in the eyes of a kitty, others trigger negative feelings such as discomfort or even fear in the sensitive purrs. Here are five tips for building a good bond with cats. Cats are very sensitive animals, so you should always be patient with them - Shutterstock / Montree Sanyos

If you want to build a good bond with cats, you first have to understand the animals correctly. Ideally, you can correctly interpret the cat language, such as the body language or spoken language of the Stubentiger, and then react correctly. There are numerous guidebooks and help that can help cat friends and those who want to become cat friends, as can be read in the article: "Understanding and educating cats: Guidebooks and specialist literature".

1. Communicate at eye level

Communication is everything, even when it comes to building a good bond with cats. Your own body language is already important: For a miez, a person seems to be a "rough giant". In order not to appear dangerous, you should squat or sit on the floor, especially with other cats. Communication at eye level is easier, as is playing and cuddling.

2. Treat each other with respect

Don't push cats. You don't build a good bond with cats if you annoy, disturb and press them. Offer a lot more things like gadgets or tenderness and let the cat react to it. You can often not assess strangers cats and get scared if you approach them too aggressively and simply reach for them. At worst, you'll reap a cat bite.

Particularly important: do not stare at a cat. As a rule, feline species do not interpret this well. You can find more about mistakes in dealing with cats in the guide: "Cat education: You should avoid these mistakes".

3. Gentleness instead of rudeness

Speaking of "touch". Always be gentle and gentle when dealing with other cats. If a strange kitty has decided to love you, you shouldn't destroy this trust given directly by wrong actions. In the guide "How to properly pet your cat" you will find valuable tips on the subject.

If the cat is shy: Possible reasons

There are various reasons for fear and shyness in cats. Mostly there are hypersensitive reactions ...

4. Better quiet than loud

The cat's hearing is extremely sensitive and reacts sensitively to loud noises. Therefore, when you contact a strange cat, pay attention to their own noise level. A soft, quiet voice is certainly well received.

5. Love goes through the stomach

Simple and effective: Contacting treats works in most cases. If you have a few treats for the cat, it will connect you personally with something positive.

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