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Cole and Marmalade: Moving to Illinois survived well

The two cats Cole and Marmalade moved from California to Illinois with their favorite people. Chris Poole and his wife Jess, the "parents" of the two fur noses, went out of their way to make the move for Cole and Marmalade as relaxed as possible. The following video shows how well they did this:

The video shows in different chapters how Cole, Marmalade, Chris and Jess pack up and then - with stops in hotel rooms - finally arrive in their new home. The two velvet paws have a lot of fun inspecting the moving boxes, playing with the wrapping paper and exploring the hotel rooms with their many exciting impressions and smells.

When they arrived in Illinois, Cole and Marmalade carefully but curiously examined their new home. They seem to like it there, especially the large, comfortable window sill with the "cat TV". There you can watch birds and for the first time in their lives the two cats see snow! After an exciting first day in the new house, the two cuddles take a nap in the closet. At the latest when playing with their favorite people it becomes clear that Cole and Marmalade have arrived.

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