Play with puppies: this is what you should pay attention to

When you play with puppies, the little four-legged friends not only have fun - they also learn for life. That is why it is extremely important to keep young dogs busy in a playful manner. Read here what you should consider when playing together. "Who likes to play with me? I have my favorite stuffed animal with me!", This adorable puppy seems to want to say - Shutterstock / Gunnar Rathbun

Romping around, bellowing and crawling again and again: Playing with puppies is great fun for everyone involved. Dog owners should under no circumstances give up regular moments with their four-legged friends - because the games are not only entertaining, they are also important for the development of the fur noses.

Playing with puppies: fun and educational

Puppies play because they enjoy it: Like all young animals, they have a pronounced play instinct that has to be satisfied - they are very reminiscent of human children. But beyond that, the common activities have a deeper meaning and are correspondingly important for the development of your animal companion: Playing helps the puppies on the one hand in socialization and on the other hand in communication. By playing, they also learn to recognize which dog behavior is okay for the other person, what causes negative reactions and which limits the young dogs must not exceed. The hunting instinct that many dogs bring with them can also be satisfied quite well through playful situations. Last but not least: The friendship between humans and dogs can also be strengthened excellently through playful activities.

Puppy toys: activity for small dogs

Playing is fun! Of course not only adult dogs find this, but also puppies ...

Dog games need rules

Furthermore, one thing is particularly important when you play with a puppy: the activities need fixed rules that must be followed - by both of you. It is essential that you set these rules - not the animal, for example. Also bet on games in which you and your young dog play the leading role and interact accordingly. A simple retrieval is therefore not really suitable, because here basically only the dog plays with a ball. Alternatively, try a brawl with your four-legged friend - on all fours, i.e. at eye level. Nudge each other, move towards the dog, back away and so on. Your puppy is exaggerating with his attacks? Stop the game briefly to teach it what actions are undesirable. No matter which game you choose: It is important that the puppy enjoys it and is enthusiastic about it.

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