Playing with the dog: that makes him particularly happy

Every dog ​​owner loves to play with his four-legged friend. US scientists have now found out how you can really spoil your little or big racket. With a few simple tips and tricks in mind, you can make playing with your animal friend something very special. This cute dog is in its element when playing - Shutterstock / Lunja

Scientific studies from the USA have shown that whoever plays with their dog is generally a happier dog owner overall. That should be reason enough to take a closer look at how dogs play and what the four-legged friends like best.

Playing with the dog: Not everything has to be "useful"

When owners play with their dog, they usually do so out of a kind of pedagogical, deeper meaning: The animals, which are actually predators and were originally used for hunting or for protecting houses, yards and animals, appear as pure pets Often under-challenged: You potentially suffer from a lack of exercise and may not only feel physically but also mentally challenged. Accordingly, dog owners see playing with the dog as a kind of necessary "duty": through games such as retrieving, for example, you want to keep the dogs busy and at the same time promote their abilities.

The basic idea behind it is certainly correct, but: This goal should not be the only reason why you playfully deal with your beloved four-legged friend. Because: Playing does not just mean an occupation with a so-called serious connection: Rather, dogs generally love to be active and in motion, simply because they enjoy it - much like small children.

Romping around is fun: dog toys for whirlwinds

Some dogs cannot get enough of running, jumping and romping and are accordingly ...

Support the play instinct and train fair behavior

When romping around with your dog, you should always make sure that your animal learns and follows certain rules and basic commands: The animals must know that fair play is an important aspect to which they must abide. For example, if your four-legged friend bites - presumably out of sheer exuberance - you must not let him get away with it. Scolding makes little sense here. It is better if you first cry out and then quit the game. After a short break you can start again.

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