Why do cats kick their hind paws while playing?

Cats are wonderful animals - but some behaviors are puzzling their owners. An example: The violent kicking with the hind paws, which occasionally occurs when playing with the fur noses. "Take that, blue puschelding!" Thinks this young tiger cat while playing - Shutterstock / Xseon

Sometimes cats actually remind you of rabbits: Because both animals occasionally kick their hind paws when playing. But when exactly do cats do that? And can this behavior be prevented? Here you can read how to handle your house tiger.

Cats kick their hind paws: play or serious?

Cats that kick their hind paws often do this out of sheer exuberance. Many cat owners play with their velvet paws by rolling them around with their hands - the animal reacts by enthusiastically reaching for the hands with its paws and possibly sinking its claws in the skin. The difference between play and seriousness can be fluid here: Because in the wild, potential enemies move towards the cat much like the human hand. The animal reacts accordingly with paws and kicks in order to be able to defend itself as well as possible.

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You can do that against the cat kicks

There are several things you can do if your cat kicks its hind paws. For example, do not touch your velvet paw on your stomach while it is lying on your back - even if it is tempting. Cats roll on their backs in combat situations to protect themselves. Accordingly, the cat feels provoked by touching the belly and tries to defend itself with the kicks. If your cat kicks while playing, you should use a cat toy instead of your hands to keep your pet busy. This is how you protect your skin from claws.

A special toy for a cat that kicks its hind paws is occasionally available in well-stocked shops: it is a kind of long cloth bag that the cat can work with almost like a punching ball with the hind paws - the filling is often special tempting for your animal because it contains catnip.

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